Why You Need to Throw Away Your Fax Machine


Many people still send and receive faxes the traditional old way by using a fax machine linked to an analog phone line. If you are one of these people, you need to stop. There is a simpler and easier way to fax, one that is not only more efficient and increases productivity, but also unchains you from going to your office each time you want to fax. With Web Faxing, sending and receiving of faxes is done over the internet.

No More Traditional Fax Machines – Switch To Using The Internet

Web Faxing is the option most companies are using nowadays. There is no need to be chained to your office anymore. With internet connection, you can receive and forward faxes from any location you are.

Most of the companies that provide VoIP PBX offer a Web portal which customers can use to send faxes and where they can also receive their incoming faxes in PDF format. This makes it easy for you to read the file on your Smartphone or computer from wherever you are.

How It Works

Sending a fax through the internet is simple. Use a web browser to access the web portal your service provider gave you, select the document you want to send, enter the fax number of the recipient, then click “send”. A verification email will be sent to you by most providers to update you about the status of the transmission. When a fax is sent to you, your service provider forwards it to the email address you specified on your account.


It can be the email address of an individual or a shared company email address. You can print the emails out then delete them or you can save them to read later. Web fax gives you all the features you would get when using a regular fax machine. These features include a real local or a fax number that is toll free. When faxing a file, the machine of the recipient, whether standard or online, won’t be able to tell the difference.

How to Switch

It is quite easy to switch to Web Fax. You can do this by telling your provider to help you ‘port’ your fax number. Once this is done, you will start receiving your faxes through your email instead of them going to your normal fax machine.

1. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

The fees for maintaining equipments as well as the cost for paper and ink/toner are eliminated. SPAM messages can be easily deleted when using Web Fax instead of such faxes going to your normal fax machine directly where they are printed automatically.  Additionally, by deactivating your dedicated phone line, you can save a lot of money. As long as you have an internet connection, you can fax from your device anywhere. This means you can fax from your Smartphone and even your PDA. If the company you use have a single dedicated fax number, I can bet you are familiar with how frustrating it is when people calling you get a busy signal. However, with Web Fax, multiple faxes can be simultaneously sent to you so you won’t need to worry about faxes not going through, getting lost or having to buy a second line.

Mobile Text AlertFor people who are always on the go, sometimes, you can’t leave the office due to the fact that you are expecting an important fax and you don’t know when it will come in. VoIP providers take this into consideration and give users the option to receive an alert either through text message or email notifying you when you receive a new fax.

One-to-Many Faxing

Web Fax is ideal if you have a long list of contacts you need to forward a single fax to. You can forward a single fax to several numbers simultaneously with only a few taps on your Smartphone.

Faxing Through The Internet Is Green With web faxing, you only choose to print what you really need to print. There is no need to waste paper on junk faxes anymore. You can also easily keep a digital record of the transmissions that are important to save. According to faxburner.com, a research carried out by the government has revealed that fax machines use about 200 billion paper pages each year and this is only in the United States. If only 5% of this were done without paper, about 1 million trees could be saved a year.

Retain Your Current Number When You SwitchYour service provider can ‘port’ your fax number when to make a switch to using Web Fax service. This way, you don’t need to update your clients about the new fax number you have. You won’t miss any fax at all.

Security EncryptionWhen faxing through email, all the documents and files you fax out are encrypted.  Every single service has its own special features, which is designed for one purpose: To ensure your fax goes through successfully to the receiver while eliminating the possibility of them being accessed by another party.


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